6 Instagram Contest Tips for Yoga Brands

What makes a successful Instagram giveaway?  What should you include in your giveaways to deliver the best results?  Here’s a breakdown of six tips to make your Instagram contests super successful:

1.  Like to Win

When you post an image about your contest, make sure the first thing you ask contestants to do is like the picture.  The more “likes” on the pic, the more reach your contest will have, and the more other yogis will likely join.

Instagram Contest: Like to Win
First and foremost, @aloyoga asks contestants to like the photo to be entered in the contest.

2.  Follow to Win

Growing your following is one of the key benefits of Instagram contests. Ask contestants to follow your Instagram page to enter to win.

3.   Contest Info in Images

When you announce a contest on Instagram, have the photo itself contain text that explains the key points of the contest.  (Rather than just in the caption).  The photo should contain three bits of information: the type of contest, the specific contest hashtag, and your Instagram handle.  That way, when you have contestants repost the graphic, their followers will get the main gist of the contest without having to do much research.

Instagram Contests: Info in Images

4.  Unique Hashtag

Create a unique hashtag for your contest.  When people repost the original graphic and post their own personal photo entries, make a unique hashtag on the posts mandatory for the contest.  This will not only make your contest scaleable but it brings more awareness of the contest across Instagram.  Remember to make your hashtag  easy to remember and unique.  Get people excited to use it!

5.  Theme It

Give your Instagram contest a theme to add some flavor.  Especially if you are or plan on running multiple contests, a theme will keep everyone interesting and keep them coming back for more.  From holidays, yoga poses, selfies, seasons, and charities; the possibilities here are endless.  Keep it light and fun.

Instagram Contests: Theme It
@kinoyoga, @beachyogagirl, and @aloyoga themed an entire 30 day challenge around poses that prepare you for a handstand

6.  Explain it

Have your contestants explain to you and their followers why they think they should be the winner of your contest.  This usually gets you brownie points and lets your contestant’s followers know that they’ve been a long time customer or appreciate what you’re doing as a brand. (Hello, free content!)  When you have a prize to give away, it’s no surprise people will jump the gun to praise you and your brand.

Depending on the type of contest, how long it’s going to last, and what you want to see from contestants; you can use one or all of these six tips.  Feel free to mix and match and find out what works best for your brand.

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