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6 Tips for Selling Yoga Products on Amazon

Amazon can generate a ton of sales but getting started selling yoga products on Amazon can be challenging because of the high degree of competition.

In this post I’ll share with you a couple actionable tips that will help you increase Amazon sales.

Tip 1: It’s All About Sales Velocity

Amazon ranks all products for specific keywords/categories based on a variety of different factors. The single most important factor for the ranking and visibility of your product is sales velocity.

You need to have a good sales volume but your product needs to also convert views into new sales at a decent rate. If you can successfully increase sales volume over a short period of time the visibility of your yoga products in categories and keyword search will increase.

Amazon Keyword Selection
Sales velocity is critical to rank for different keyword phrases.


Tip 2: Target the Right Keywords

The keywords you use in your product title, description and keywords has a big impact on visibility. Before you select keywords take a few minutes to use Google’s Keyword Planner (FREE) or Merchant Words (Monthly Subscription) to see the search volume for different keywords.

Merchant Words
Merchant Words is a subscription service that has a database of search volume for different keywords on Amazon.

Depending on your product, you might not want to select the highest search volume keywords because of the amount of competition for those terms.

For example instead of targeting the keywords “yoga mat” go for “non-slip yoga mat”. Less popular keywords will have less competition and be easier to start to rank on the first page or two on Amazon.

Tip 3: Include Keywords in Product Title/Description

After selecting the keywords that you want to target make sure to include them in your product’s title, description and keyword settings. Don’t be afraid to use all the characters allowed for titles.

Consider including the product name, brand, and important characteristics of the product. Don’t waste valuable space by repeating keywords or worrying about singular or plural variations.

Example of Amazon Product Titles and Descriptions
Kharma Khare increased search visibilty by including “non slip”, “eco-friendly” and “5 MM” in the product title.

Tip 4: Use Coupons

Coupons are a powerful tool to increases sales of your product on Amazon. Luckily, Amazon provides some great tools to issue fixed dollar amounts, percentage discounts and 2 for 1 type of specials.


Remember back to the beginning of this post that sales velocity for your product is the most important factor for ranking in a category or for a keyword phrase. This comes down to a combination of sales volume and conversion rate that is associated with the individual keyword phrase that the customer typed in before buying your product.

By using coupon codes to increase sales you still get the positive ranking benefits associated with a non-coupon sale. If you give a great discount or coupon deal the increase in sales volume and high conversion rate will help to increase your product’s ranking very quickly.

Tip 5: Get Lot’s of 4-5 Star Reviews

Reviews are another important factor in determining your yoga product’s ranking on Amazon. Getting reviews can be challenging and very labor intensive.

To get reviews you can use coupon codes to get existing customers to purchase new products and leave reviews. Another effective strategy is to reach out to the most influential reviewers on Amazon to try your product in return for leaving a review.

Amazon Yoga Mat Reviews
4-5 star reviews from customers who purchased Kharma Khare’s yoga mat.

Tip 6: Add Lots of Product Photos

Amazon lets you add a lot of different product photos. While the main picture must be a simple product photo with a white background, you can add many more photos as well.

Take the time to add a variety of product photos including close ups from different angles as well as “lifestyle” shots showing the product in use.

Amazon Yoga Mat Product Photos
Kharma Khare uses a variety of photos with and without yogis using the product.


Has Amazon helped to drive sales growth for your Yoga products? Are you struggling to stick out from the competition and achieve meaningful sales on Amazon?

Let us know what has or has not worked for your marketing efforts on Amazon in the comments.