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Facebook Marketing Strategies of 9 Yoga Clothing Brands

Wondering how to grow your audience and engagement on Facebook? Here is a quick overview of 9 yoga and fitness clothings brands on Facebookto give you a little insight and inspiration.


Number of Likes: 58k+
FB Posting Strategy: Teeki posts a combination of inspirational photos, lifestyle pics, articles and discounts offers to Facebook every week or two.
Teeki Facebook Page

Sweaty Betty

Number of Likes: 41k+
FB Posting Strategy: Sweaty Betty uses a combination of ongoing health and fitness campaigns, photos of models featuring their products, and content from campaign partners updated daily.

Sweaty Betty Facebook Page

Spiritual Gangster

Number of Likes: 51k+
FB Posting Strategy: Spiritual Gangster posts behind the scenes photos, pics of customers wearing thier clothing, collages and inspirational quotes with photos daily.

Spiritual Gangster Facebook Page

Mika Yoga Wear

Number of Likes: 126k+
FB Posting Strategy: Almost all of Mika Yoga Wear posts are photos of yogis wearing their clothing in beautiful settings from around world with updates every couple of days.

Mika Yoga Wear Facebook Page

Lorna Jane

Number of Likes: 1.1m+
FB Posting Strategy: Lorna Jane posts a combination of product photo collages, health and fitness competitions, pics of customers in their clothing and health articles such as food recipes a couple times a day.

Lorna Jane Facebook Page

Kira Grace

Number of Likes: 37k+
FB Posting Strategy: Kira Grace updates daily with inspiration photos and quotes, shares health conscious articles, and pic submitted by customers.

Kira Grace Facebook Page

Evolve Fit Wear

Number of Likes: 25k+
FB Posting Strategy: Evolve Fit Wear updates their Facebook page with a combination of product photos, pics of customers in their clothing, and inspirational images every couple of days.

Evolve Fit Wear Facebook Page

Beyond Yoga

Number of Likes: 34k+
FB Posting Strategy: Beyond Yoga posts a combination of health and yoga articles, inpsirational photos with quotes, discount offers, and customers wearing their clothing every day or two.

Beyond Yoga Facebook Page

Abi and Joseph

Number of Likes: 36k+
FB Posting Strategy: Abi and Joseph publishers inspirational photos and sayings, pics of new products, discount offers and posts from their blog a couple times a week.
Abi and Joseph Facebook Page