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What if you could reach hundreds of thousands of new potential customers just by giving away a handful of your product? Guess what… you can! Brand Ambassadors are people who already have a strong social media presence in your industry, and they represent the prime customer of your product or service.

We work with yoga and wellness companies like yours to create strategic Brand Ambassador programs that offer social influencers an opportunity to try your product for free, and in return, they help you grow your brand recognition and customer base through word-of-mouth (via multiple social media channels!).


Working with you to understand your goals and your target audience, we create a strategy that will benefit both you and the customer. Accordingly, we set up the infrastructure to recruit, select and provide on boarding processes for new Brand Ambassadors.


We identify thousands of social media influencers in your industry and reach out to them with the offer to become a Brand Ambassador. Once we’ve collected a wealth of applications, we use pre-defined criteria to choose the best to join the team.


Our team will carry out the entire process of management, from setting up landing pages and sending emails to collecting and reviewing applicants, and also monitoring Brand Ambassador contribution. We will work closely with you to ensure the program runs smoothly and meets your goals.

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