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If you’re generating quality content, an audience will find you. Today, quality content is more important than ever. It does more than grow brand recognition, it creates trust, connects your audience to your product, and drives social engagement. And as if that weren’t enough reason, your Google ranking also depends on relevant content.

At Yoga People, we know that good content marketing requires not only good writers but also good strategists. Our team of content marketing experts has many years of experience working with yoga and wellness brands and can help you create and manage content that gets results.

Content Strategy

Are you concerned about low website traffic or low SEO ranking? This can often be attributed to weak content. We’ll start by auditing your current content and making recommendations for your website, blog, and other channels. Next we’ll help you manage the parts in need of improvement by creating engaging content to attract your target audience.

Website Copy

Your website is the first and foremost opportunity for your brand to shine. Many companies spend a lot of money on website design but not on content. While a good interface may grab visitors initially, it takes stellar copy to keep them on your pages and signing up for your offers. Our content experts can create effective copy for you that is well integrated with your brand.

Blog Management

Do you find that your blog publications have fallen behind? Maintaining a regular blog is the easiest way to stay relevant in your industry and drive more traffic to your website. We can help you generate new ideas and work with your knowledge leaders to create fresh posts and engage new audiences.

Email Newsletters

Do you need help creating email content that encourages your readers to click through? We can help with that. We’ll work with you on your email content strategy to attract more opens, more clicks, and more response. We’ll also manage your email lists and offer ways to help you grow it organically.

Advertising Copy

For advertising dollars to be well-spent, you’ll want to have smart copy that gets clicks. We can help you optimize your ad content for Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Google for higher click-through rates and conversions.

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