Keep your yoga students engaged this summer

No matter how old we get, warm weather is still the signal to head outdoors and play. Whether it’s a beach or a summer hike in the woods, being outside is even more appealing this time of year. But, while warm weather makes for amazing picnics and barbeques, it can also make it harder to keep your students coming to yoga class with the same commitment and enthusiasm as they do when it’s cold and grey outside. Class sizes often shrink in the summer months, and it can take a while to build them back up again in the fall and winter.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be stuck dealing with that cycle. With some good thinking and planning ahead, you can make sure that your students look forward to their yoga classes just as much in June as they do in January. The challenge is finding ways to reinvent your offer so it feels fresh. Especially if you offer hot classes, you might need to rework the vibe your studio has to give it more year-round appeal.

Here some things to try:

Take it outside

Setting up events that take place outside is one great way to help build student interest in the summer. Try scheduling a free practice in a local park. Demo yoga as part of a community event. Whatever you try, though, you do need a backup plan in case Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate. For events, borrow a tent if possible. For a class, make sure you have a rain check date or a different time if you need to. Setting up a regular weekly class in a picturesque setting can be a great way to not only engage your students, but get new people on board.


Embrace the season

Don’t be in denial about summer. You can take this as an opportunity to introduce calendar-specific events and class series. If you have a very fitness-driven student base, you might want to try one based around getting in shape for the beach. Starting right now, you could offer a four- or six-week series that focuses on a more athletic practice to help students feel swimsuit-ready. If your studio caters more to students who are beginners, you could try setting up a cooling practice, maybe early in the morning or late in the evening, with poses that focus on keeping your body cool during the summer months.

Change up your classes

Summer is a great time to add new classes to the schedule. Seeing a fresh offer might be what it takes to tempt students to give yoga a go, or motivate existing students to get back into the swing of things. Try adding something unusual, like AcroYoga or Yogalates, or try offering classes at some off peak times. Whatever you offer, make sure you publicize it well in advance of the time you put it on the schedule. Students need time to become aware of new classes and class offerings.

Offer Incentive

This is a great opportunity to incentivize your students. You might want to try offering a special deal for these few months—maybe try three months for the price of two. You can also try fun giveaways like a drawing for a free punch card or a free water bottle to students who come to a certain number of classes in a week or month.

These are just a few suggestions for keeping students in class in the summer. Don’t be afraid to experiment to find the perfect solution for you and your studio. Remember, not all students want the same kinds of classes, in any season, so you need to cater to all of your student base.

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